Sunday, June 15, 2008

2/c The Most Serene Republic- Compliance

Here's the final part of our off the cuff session with the wonderful Most Serene Republic. The track is called Compliance, and comes from their excellent new album Population- which is in stores now!

Click for mp3

Thanks again to Lena Obara, Patrick Guay & Dylan Nolan for all their help.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

2/b The Most Serene Republic- Present of Future End

2/b is a performance of Present of Future End, from TMSR's excellent new album Population:

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Big big thanks to Lena Obara, Patrick Guay & Dylan Nolan for all their help.

Part 3 to follow.

An interview with The Most Serene Republic taken during the Off The Cuff session will follow soon on the main egoeccentric page.

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2/a The Most Serene Republic- Anhoi Polloi

Our second Off The Cuff session comes from amazing Canadian band The Most Serene Republic:

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We arrived at Whelans last Wednesday just in time to catch the band's sound check and have a bit of a wander around to look for somewhere nice to shoot. It transpired that Whelans' recent renovations had also covered the backstage area, and hidden up on the third floor was a great little room full of old leather couches and tucked away from the noise of downstairs.

Having decided to play around with the idea of two cameras, we set up a laptop in the corner to record a wide shot on it's web-cam. This would come in handy, as catching all the members of the band in one shot would be tough, even though we were without Keyboardist Ryan & Drummer Tony.

Sound check finished, TMSR made themselves comfortable upstairs- happy with what they considered to be the best sound on the tour so far. After warming up, and cracking open a bottle of Jameson, the band proceeded to give us three spellbinding performances, covering material old and new.

2/a is a performance of Anhoi Polloi, from the spectacular Tour EP Phages.

Camera by Oz Flanagan.

Parts 2 & 3 to follow.

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Big big thanks to Lena Obara, Patrick Guay & Dylan Nolan for all their help.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

1/b: Story of Hair- Cheap Rate

After a prolonged delay we've finally gotten over our technical difficulties and are ready to press on!

Here's off the cuff recording 1/b: Story of Hair with Cheap Rate:

Recorded immediately after our fire escape excursion, we shot this performance in a random nook/cranny behind the Trinity residents' buildings. It was fairly dark (hence the funny color scheme), but as far away from the populated area of the college as we could get.

Ger put his improvised drumkit to great use, as the band treated us to a track which will surely feature on Hair's forthcoming album. Cheap Rate is pop bliss, and has been stuck in my head on a regular basis since I first heard it here. I guarantee you'll soon know what I'm talking about.


More Off the Cuffs on their way very soon...

Monday, March 3, 2008

1/a: Story of Hair- Unsteady

Story of Hair have graciously provided the first Off The Cuff recording:

The performance was filmed on Tuesday Feb 26th in Trinity College, Dublin.

The band were doing an appearance on the college radio station, so while they were busying themselves there we wandered around the campus looking for a suitable place to shoot.

Eventually we settled on a platform four stories up the side of the Theatre building- it was away from everyone, and it had seats, so that was good enough for us.

The band set up their array of instruments including glockenspiel banjo & omnichord, and launched into the performance you see above. We were joined at the end by a slightly bemused Security Guard, who informed us that while it was all very nice, there was actually a performance going on in the theatre and our sound was carrying through.

So, our apologies to the performers for their unexpected soundtrack!


Camera by Oz Flanagan. Sound equipment courtesy of Dylan Nolan.

Story of hair website, myspace.

Stay tuned- part two of this session will be posted soon!