Tuesday, June 3, 2008

2/a The Most Serene Republic- Anhoi Polloi

Our second Off The Cuff session comes from amazing Canadian band The Most Serene Republic:

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We arrived at Whelans last Wednesday just in time to catch the band's sound check and have a bit of a wander around to look for somewhere nice to shoot. It transpired that Whelans' recent renovations had also covered the backstage area, and hidden up on the third floor was a great little room full of old leather couches and tucked away from the noise of downstairs.

Having decided to play around with the idea of two cameras, we set up a laptop in the corner to record a wide shot on it's web-cam. This would come in handy, as catching all the members of the band in one shot would be tough, even though we were without Keyboardist Ryan & Drummer Tony.

Sound check finished, TMSR made themselves comfortable upstairs- happy with what they considered to be the best sound on the tour so far. After warming up, and cracking open a bottle of Jameson, the band proceeded to give us three spellbinding performances, covering material old and new.

2/a is a performance of Anhoi Polloi, from the spectacular Tour EP Phages.

Camera by Oz Flanagan.

Parts 2 & 3 to follow.

Click to visit The Most Serene Republic on myspace

Big big thanks to Lena Obara, Patrick Guay & Dylan Nolan for all their help.

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