Monday, March 3, 2008

1/a: Story of Hair- Unsteady

Story of Hair have graciously provided the first Off The Cuff recording:

The performance was filmed on Tuesday Feb 26th in Trinity College, Dublin.

The band were doing an appearance on the college radio station, so while they were busying themselves there we wandered around the campus looking for a suitable place to shoot.

Eventually we settled on a platform four stories up the side of the Theatre building- it was away from everyone, and it had seats, so that was good enough for us.

The band set up their array of instruments including glockenspiel banjo & omnichord, and launched into the performance you see above. We were joined at the end by a slightly bemused Security Guard, who informed us that while it was all very nice, there was actually a performance going on in the theatre and our sound was carrying through.

So, our apologies to the performers for their unexpected soundtrack!


Camera by Oz Flanagan. Sound equipment courtesy of Dylan Nolan.

Story of hair website, myspace.

Stay tuned- part two of this session will be posted soon!

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Neil said...

Savage! Whens the second video coming?